Immerse yourself in The Krosann Saga, Sam Feuerbach’s bestselling medieval fantasy saga, which has garnered 25,000 highly positive reviews (ebook, paperback and audiobook).

The Krosann Saga is available as ebook and paperback.

How much hate can fit into one life? A hired assassin by profession, she has no name and no scruples, nor did she ever have a normal childhood. While others hesitate and try to figure out what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, she is already acting – usually plumping for the bad and the wrong.

The Krosann Saga - Fresh medieval Fantasy in six volumes

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The Murderess Crow

In the kingdom of Toladar, many hands are greedily grasping for the crown. Court intrigues are of no interest to the boy and heir to the throne, Prince Karek – that is, until he stumbles upon the legacy of long forgotten deities. He finds himself unexpectedly having to prove himself in a world where his natural talent for asking the right questions can lead to life-threatening answers.

The Swordmaster

In the late autumn of his life, far from home, fled from his guilt. A deceased son, a lost daughter, a forfeited title. What remained is to sit on the beach and count the waves. But then the old sword master rises and sets out on his last great journey.
Terrible events lead to terrible losses. The war between Prince Schohtar and King Tedore Marein divides the realm. In a world whose deep shadows leave little room for light, the struggle for survival begins for Karek and his comrades. 

The Sand Timer

How did it come to this? Five milksops stick to her heels like horse manure. On a ship with a captain who can't be trusted. On a voyage into the heart of enemy territory, teeming with cutthroats. In search of a lost legend that could vanish into thin air at any moment, like a camel fart. 
Time cries out for change. A mysterious parchment finally leads Karek and his companions to their destination. But what they find there knows no laws, no faith, no mercy.

Volumes four to six

The Myrnean Goddess

The murderess crow longs to return to freedom and independence. But the shadows of the past, the encounters of the present and the tasks of the future are deadlier than ever. Not only an old enemy, a little girl and a whole nation drain her strength ...
At Castle Cragwater Karek finds no peace. The king is fighting a deadly disease, the smoldering civil war and the unrest at court are hardly controllable, and then his comrades also make a terrible discovery.

The Soul Spear

Those who seek peace must kill war. Logical. She is on her way to her childhood. Because the assassin was once a little girl, too. But then, of all people, this fatal mistake happens to her.
The Swordmaster's hand clenches into a fist. Before going to war, they five friends seek the magic spear. Without warning, the small and the inconspicuous are faced with almost impossible tasks.
The world of Krosann bleeds in civil war. The self-proclaimed king Schohtar uses powers stronger than death.

The Traitor

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