The Shadowdust Saga is the first collaborative novel by bestselling fantasy authors Mira Valentin, Greg Walters, and Sam Feuerbach. 

Shadowdust is available as ebook.

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The Light Goddess only knows what an aging monk, a drunk mercenary, and a teenage goatherd are doing among them.

The Shadowdust Saga 3 volumes

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The Chosen

When the Goriam River freezes, the insidious shadowdust will creep across the ice and smother every spark of life remaining on Meribor. With the world's final autumn fast approaching, the Light Mages have arranged a series of trials as cruel and deadly as the shadowdust itself, seeking the three heroes upon whose mighty shoulders the hopes of the populace can rest. Courageous, battle-tested warriors from across the continent have gathered at Castle Arclight to test their mettle in the bloody games. 

The Quest

Lonely, but not alone, the mercenary, the monk, and the goatherd set off for the Tower of Time, on a mission to save the world. Of course, if saving the world were that easy, everyone would do it. Nebelhain, Dungmire, and Pirate Island await them—places whose mere mention on a map strikes terror into ordinary Meriborian hearts. With a new and bizarre adventure bravely flinging itself into their path at every turn, the unlikely heroes have their unlikely hands full once again…

The Shrine

For the companions there is no catching their breath, because one thing is certain: After the blow of fate is before the blow of fate.
The pirate, the mercenary and the goatherd are arrested for treason. Execution is imminent. However, the heroes can hardly spare time for such sparring, rather they must leave for the Ice Lands as soon as possible to find the third Child of Light. After all, the world will not save itself.